How to Make Sure Your Company Headshots Reflect Your Company’s Spirit

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Company headshots can set the tone for your company’s image, and you need to make sure they reflect the spirit of your company. A smile goes a long way, since customers want to do business with people they like. It also sets the tone for your company’s online first impressions. In addition, make sure to choose a professional photographer.

How much time do your shoots take?

While there are no rules for the type of attire to wear for a company headshot, you do need to dress appropriately. You don’t need to be dressed like a rock star for the occasion, but you should wear something nicer than you’d wear for work. You can include your company’s logo color in your attire. In addition, solid tops are your best choice. Avoid distracting prints and patterns. You’ll also want to ensure consistency between headshots of coworkers.

When it comes to corporate photography, your goal is to convey confidence, self-control, and authority. The subjects of your corporate images are typically high-level executives, so you’ll want to make sure their poses convey authority and assertiveness. You’ll also want to encourage them to stand upright with their hands clasped. You can also ask them to adopt an inflated posture, which conveys a sense of approachability.

The choice of headshots is important, as it reflects your business’s identity. If you’d like your headshots to reflect the essence of your brand, consider having a professional photographer create them. A professional headshot will speak volumes about the character of your company, and it will help you create a positive first impression.


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